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I have a long history with chiropractic. My father is a chiropractor and I have been under chiropractic care my entire life. Despite this, I did not always want to be a chiropractor. From the age of 17 to 22 I worked as an ocean rescue lifeguard. I saw first-hand what it is to save a life. This inspired me to pursue a career in medicine. In university, I was in a pre-med program and I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in biology. During this time, I also became a certified emergency medical technician. It was this experience that changed the course of my life. Working in a hospital and on an ambulance was an eye-opening experience.  I saw people suffering from chronic diseases, mainly preventable/lifestyle diseases. I realized that most medical doctors are in the business of dying. I wanted to be in business of living.

While in chiropractic college I participated in 4 chiropractic mission trips to areas of Haiti with limited medical access. It was through these experiences that I truly realized the value that chiropractic can have in a person's life. From failure to thrive infants becoming completely healthy, to improvements in vision/hearing/breathing/posture after a chiropractic adjustment, I saw it all. While not every adjustment resulted in a life-changing story, every chiropractic adjustment is a step forward towards better health. To me, chiropractic is the art of allowing people to live their best lives.

Dr. Nathan van Beelen has been serving the Delft/Rijswijk community for over 3 years at Chiropractie Natuurlijk, Delft Chiropractie and Wellness, Solar Chiropractic.